Leeds CMA Meetings

For people near Leeds, the Cathedral lectures have a healthcare theme this year.
Our Autumn meetings will be in support of the Cathedral lectures, which this year have a healthcare theme.  They all take place in Wheeler Hall on Wednesdays at 7pm.
  • 3rd October "Improving Bad Laws Without Moral Compromise: How should we respond to an unjust law that we do not have the power to change completely? An examination of possible approaches, notably in relation to abortion and embryo research.  Dr Helen Watt, Anscombe Bioethics Centre.
  • 7th November: "The Church and the Problem of Sexual Abuse: An examination of the nature and extent of clerical sexual abuse, its prevalence, likely causes and consequences.  The position, teaching and pastoral response of the Church."  Dr Pravin Thevathasan, Consultant Psychiatrist.
  • 5th December: "The Church and Same Sex Marriage: Neither the Church nor the state has the right to redefine marriage.  To try to change the heterosexual nature of marriage is to undermine an institution which protects children and society"  Anthony McCarthy, SPUC
  • 9th December: TBC
For further details and news of future events please email  cmaleeds@gmail.com