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A small  selection are set  out below

 Oral  Contraeptive effects and Humanae Vitae - Professor Patrick  Pullicino (pdf) 
 The Catholic doctor / nurse. - Several authors (pdf) 
 Praying with patients - Dr Robert Hardie (pdf) 
 The Spiritual  Care of Dementia Dr Adrian Treloar (pdf) 
 I Met a Miracle. The story of Jack Traynor, Reverend Patrick O'Connor, missionary of St Columban. (pdf)
 Brain stem death and organ transplantation - Dr David Evans (pdf)
 Avoiding assisting with vasectomies. (pdf) Dr M Delaney
 AIDS in Africa – The Catholic Response by Bernard Farrell-Roberts
Consent in Clinical Trials by Dr Michael Jarmulowicz
Euthanasia - What it is and What it is not by Baroness Prof. Ilora Finlay of Llandaff
Healing in a Christian General Practice by Dr Robert Hardie
Life Sustaining Treatments and the Vegetative State: Scientific Advances and Ethical Dilemmas Address of John Paul II to the Participants at the International Congress, Saturday 20 March 2004
NaPro Technology by Anne Carrus

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