Each of the five forums cover a range of specialties of interest to healthcare professionals, clinical managers and chaplains.

Recognising that sometimes you need to deal with an ethical issue whilst on anti-social shifts, the five forums have been set up to provide a service to you as a CMA member working in the real world.

If you keep to the guidelines and recognise that there will be honest differences of opinion and, inevitably, the potential for occasional misunderstandings, keeping your submissions courteous and patient will make this a markedly less adversarial facility than many others on the net.

Forum Guidelines

The security restriction limiting access to members working in the UK helps us all maintain your safety and to ensure that advice, however well-intentioned, applies to UK law and clinical, managerial or pastoral practice.

Moderators will intervene if concerned as per guidelines. However, if you are unhappy about a response to your submission, believe that it breaches the guidelines, but that it has not yet been picked up by a moderator, do email the ‘Webmaster’ - to request that the moderator covering reviews the thread.

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